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Consultation & Design

Sound by Design works with you to help make your dream become a reality. We will visit with you in your home to learn your needs. Our goal is to capture the same vision you have, and then turn it into reality.


Listening is the first thing we do with our clients. You tell us what you want to do with your room or house, and we'll tell you how we can do it. No high-pressure sales.


This is your home, where you're the boss.


Clear expectations are provided early and are detailed and precise about the specifications of your project; ensuring that confusion is removed keeping you informed of progress at every step of the way.


After listening to you describe your vision, we'll prepare a complete estimate of activities and charges. We'll tell you about any equipment needs, whether existing equipment is suitable for the task, and what you might need to buy. We understand compatibility issues, and we'll tell you what will work together and what will not.




Live in safety, comfort and protection


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